Sanctuary Recovery House - Drug and Alcohol-Free Living
Sanctuary Recovery House

Safe, Supported, Drug & Alcohol-Free Living

Live an Extraordinary Life

sanctuary-icon The Sanctuary Recovery House is a private, supported residential home in Byron Bay, established as a safe environment for people in addiction to practice living without drugs and alcohol while they learn to deal with the more important underlying issues such as anxiety and depression, grief, trauma (including PTSD) or problems with relationships.

Sanctuary Recovery House is designed to support up to seven residents who are suitably detoxed and are ready to take the next step into creating a meaningful and drug free life for themselves.

Lasting Recovery

We help you build the foundation for a lasting recovery so you can enjoy a healthy rewarding life, repair relationships, resume or start a new career, and establish a comfortable daily routine to keep you on track. You are supported daily by attending morning meetings, educational sessions, twelve step meetings (as required) and individualised therapy sessions.

Peer Support

The Sanctuary Recovery House allows you to connect with your peers, creating friendships and receiving encouragement from people with similar experiences. Peer support also includes guidance from our dedicated house manager, who helps monitor your recovery, and who will help you create an effective daily and weekly recovery plan. Both the house manager and your appointed therapist will help you identify and face any triggers and fears that might otherwise result in you relapsing.

Freedom & Independence in Your Recovery

You are given the freedom to go out into the community and put your recovery plan into place.  The skills and tools you learn through your relapse prevention educational sessions will help you to stay clean and sober once you return home.

We are here as a solid and unwavering support system to help you through any difficulties you may experience. This combination of freedom and support enables our residents to experience and create deep inner change.

Recovery House Main Hallway

Located in Byron Bay

Sanctuary Recovery House is located in Byron Bay, home to pristine beaches, stunning coastal views, and equally breathtaking hinterland vistas. A unique tourist destination and well-known place of healing, Byron Bay offers a range of recreational activities including the famous lighthouse walk, scuba diving, surfing, sea kayaking and whale watching.

Coming to SRH gave me the time and space to live a normal life in a safe environment – time to find myself and have some healing. Mary